What’s Luxury About Living in Malta?

  • 31.May 2017
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If you love luxury, you may be wondering if there’s enough glitz, glamour and fun to suit your lifestyle in Malta. We think there is!

Malta – a small island strategically located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; a land that has a long and rich history, a thriving business industry, and a lifestyle that is the cause of envy… to those who know about it.

The reality is that most people outside of Malta aren’t aware of its existence. However, when they learn some basic facts about the island, they’re eager to know more and experience the rather unique luxury lifestyle that Malta has to offer.

Living on an island surrounded by the warm, crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, bathed in sunshine for approximately 300 days of the year, is an easy pull-factor – after all, who doesn’t want that?

Furthermore, the island offers an excellent quality of life with its low crime rate, packed social calendar, and café culture lifestyle – all important factors if you’re considering setting up and purchasing a second upmarket home or residence family here.

Moving house and location is a big step and shifting to a small country may seem prohibitive to having options; however, despite Malta’s small size there are an array of different luxury properties that are suitable for the more affluent that you may choose to call your home. Whether you prefer the clean lines of a high-end apartment or penthouse, a luxurious villa with all the amenities and no neighbours, or a unique palazzo that comes with its own historic story and value – the possibilities are all there for the taking.

Choosing where to live is definitely a contributing factor to your lifestyle, and although your dream house is everything you want it to be and the place where you rest your feet at the end of a long day, there’s much more to luxury living in Malta.

When it’s finally time to relax you can start off the evening with a spot of retail therapy at one of the shopping centres that house numerous brands – from your run-of-the-mill high street names, to your must-have high-fashion designers.

Moving on from retail therapy to gastronomy, there are plenty of highly acclaimed restaurants where you can indulge in a delicious meal of Mediterranean cuisine – healthy, aromatic, and tasty, it’s a burst of succulent flavours on your plate. Following that, an after dinner drink at an exclusive lounge bar; discreet, luxurious, entertaining – the ideal setting for a refined crowd.

Once weekends and holidays roll around, it’s a quick drive from almost anywhere down to one of various marinas where you can charter a yacht, or berth your own, and enjoy a day or weekend out sailing around the islands.

For more marine entertainment, Malta is regarded as a top spot for scuba diving with several wrecks dotted around the seabed and some lovely coastal features. However, if you prefer staying on land, you can choose to join in a game of polo or play a round of golf at the Royal Malta Golf Club.

There are several Yacht Marina which accommodate several sizes of leisure boats, super yachts as well as sailing yachts whilst concierge services are in abundance.  Malta offers several business and lifestyle opportunities for the discerning person who is accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle. From a business perspective, Malta has a mature financial services industry that is continually growing; coupled with a luxury lifestyle that is privy to a select segment of people, the island satisfies the specific needs of an elite and exclusive clientele.

If you are looking for a unique property in Malta or Gozo that is ideal for your family, as an investment or for an esteemed colleague or boss that is searching for property in the upmarket category, try searching on our luxury real estate website and contact one of our RE/MAX Collection specialists.

What's Luxury About Living in Malta?
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What's Luxury About Living in Malta?
A blog about Malta's Luxury lifestyle and what there is to know about the amenities that can be discovered on the Island. From the Islands weather, it's properties, shopping facilities to hobbies and yachting and services.
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