Why should you work with RE/MAX Malta?

  • 27.May 2019
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Malta’s real estate industry has seen steady growth and, with that, competition between agencies is fierce. Here is why RE/MAX Malta is the best choice for those who want not just a job in real estate but a lifelong career.

A culture apart

RE/MAX Malta understands that its people are its best asset. With that in mind, it developed a training program that turns fresh new agents into experienced and knowledgeable team players. With over 400 associates, the RE/MAX family in Malta is large, but the company invests heavily in each member, helping them to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

One doesn’t become an expert overnight – the RE/MAX programme has evolved over many years and it will continue to do so. Today, training is delivered through three separate, specialised academies, with a focus on the latest tools and techniques that give RE/MAX associates the edge in a highly-competitive industry. Armed with this knowledge, they can build upon that foundation to become property experts in their own right.

Getting a good start

Better training means better results and the RE/MAX 15-Day Accelerator Programme is designed specifically with new associates in mind. Even those with little-to-no understanding of real estate and what it means to be an agent will quickly find their feet thanks to the technical training.

The real estate industry is about buying, selling and renting property but at its core, it is about people. RE/MAX is committed to delivering a professional service to each and every customer. Thanks to coaching on fundamental soft skills, new associates will have the best foundation to be able to build their own positive, productive and ethical relationships with clients, whether they are seasoned investors, nervous first-time buyers or anyone in between.

RE/MAX builds careers

The RE/MAX brand stretches across over 6,800 offices, in 100 different countries. 100,000 employees form the RE/MAX family. A track record of consistent year-on-year growth and leading sales figures indicates one thing – this is a company that people want to keep working for.

The main reason for this is the balance that RE/MAX creates. Associates are entrepreneurs and are allowed to develop their business at their own pace. Each associate is in charge of their own schedule, goals and income. RE/MAX is happy to take a step back and provide that level of autonomy.

At the same time, RE/MAX is at the ready to offer support, advice and further training to associates throughout their career, ensuring they are always the first to learn about newly available technology, regulatory changes and market trends. Technical skills are reinforced and updated through training opportunities and the support of experienced colleagues and management.

A new associate can look forward to having the freedom to run their own business, with all its triumphs, failures and learning opportunities, while still benefiting from a tried-and-tested training programme and the support of a team that is committed to the success of each member. All it takes is dedication and the willingness to work hard, and RE/MAX will do the rest.

Take the first step in your new career

Whether you are looking for your first job or you want a career change, RE/MAX could be the perfect home for you. To find out more about the RE/MAX Malta family and what the brand can offer you, click on the link: join.remax-malta.com.