Sliema Ariel View

Why Would I Live In Sliema?

  • 18.November 2013
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sliema-ariel-view1Just off the coast of Marsamxett Harbour, and with a population of around 15 thousand people, Sliema is a buzzing city full of shops, cafés, restaurants, bars and hotels. Everyday, thousands of people flock to Malta’s s
hopping capital for business, to run errands and to meet friends, but what makes it such a desirable place to live in?

Like many cities, Sliema has all the amenities any person or family might need. Supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, the doctor’s and churches can all be found in the city and, with an area totalling 1.3km2, they are all within walking distance from any point.
Sliema has a large number of schools within its region, including seven government, church and independent kindergartens; five primary and four secondary schools. It is also a 15-minute drive away from the University of Malta and public transport to the institution is frequent and relatively reliable.
Public transport from Sliema, in fact, is one of the best on the island and the only problem you may find is that one too many people tend to use it, making waiting for a bus almost a certainty. Nevertheless, Sliema is very central and it only takes 15 minutes to the capital, Valletta, 10 minutes to St Julian’s and 25 minutes to the airport by car.
Due to the large number of daily commuters and shoppers in Sliema, parking may be a problem, but with a handful of parking garages, and a number of apartments and houses coming with a parking space or garage, residents have it somewhat easier than visitors.

The city also boasts an incredible array of town houses bursting with traditional features; seafront apartments with covetable views; and luxury properties, including the enviable postcodes of Tigné Point and Fort Cambridge, all in the midst its numerous shopping and entertainment venues.

This makes Sliema an ideal location for practically. It is great for young couples or singletons who enjoy wining and dining, who wantSliema Coastal Malta to go out and get home effortlessly, and those who want to have some of the best brands in the world on their doorstep. It is also great for retirees who want to make the most of their time swimming, walking by the sea, or enjoying an al fresco dinner without the hassle of travelling.

In a nutshell, therefore, Sliema is the perfect location for those who enjoy a busy, vibrant lifestyle, and the luxury of having everything within a stone’s throw of your front door.

Finding a property in Sliema that would suit someone’s needs and pocket really shouldn’t be a problem. The myth that Sliema is an expensive area to live is really not the case. When you may consider the amenities available, the convenience of not having to rent or purchase a car and compare the cost to buy or rent real estate with other cosmopolitan towns it actually quite affordable. There are plenty of companies based in Sliema that are consistently hiring people and thus the expat community is continually growing.

A mix of British, Swedish, Americans, Germans and a host of several other nationalities from Scandinavia, Northern Europe as well as Eastern Europe call Sliema home whether they have purchased real estate in Malta or have preferred to rent a property in Malta.

The standard of rental homes is very much on the high side whether your budget is €500 per month and you’re looking for a one Font Ġhadir, Sliemabedroom apartment or if you are seeking a sea view apartment within a condominium development with pool or prefer to live straight on the seafront. Cost for more luxury apartments start from €750 per month and can fetch anywhere up to €3000 – € 5000 per month and beyond. Of course, the quality of finish and the actual location will make all the difference between the price ranges. The point is, there is something for everyone in Sliema – you just need a specialised letting agent to guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to buying real estate in Sliema there are plenty of options to choose from. Sliema has a vast selection of apartments, maisonettes and townhouses that come in a variety of different styles. There are a number of New Builds on the market that are ideal for rental investment or second homes. Depending on the objective and purpose to purchase real estate in Malta, an estate agent will be in a position to guide you. Most estate agencies that are located on the Sliema seafront are reputable and should be in a position to assist your every request.

The real estate market in Sliema is one of the more solid investments one can make. The Sliema market has probably been the most stable real estate market next to its neighbouring towns. A special thanks to the buoyant rental market, coupled with an excellent standard set by the lifestyle developments and the premium shopping centres, Sliema has always seen a healthy capital appreciation. Rental returns can make you between 4% and 7% per annum.

If you are after the Island life where you can get to the sea side with the blink of an eye, drink great Mochas and Cappuccinos at every corner, shop, and eat out at the finest restaurants on the Maltese Islands than Sliema would definitely be a great place to start looking.