Why Would You Live in St Paul’s Bay?

  • 10.February 2014
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Saint Pauls Bay16 kilometres from Valletta, St Paul’s Bay is a picturesque seaside town; but what exactly makes it a great place to live in?

Named after the famous incident in which St Paul was shipwrecked on Malta in 60AD, St Paul’s Bay is a gorgeous inlet in the north east of Malta that immaculately brings together the seaside, the countryside and a modern way of life.

The area under the jurisdiction of St Paul’s Bay’s Local Council spans 14.47km2 and encompasses Qawra, Bugibba, Xemxija, Burmarrad, Mselliet, San Martin and parts of Bidnija, and Mistra. Together they have a population of around 14,000, which swells to a staggering 60,000 in the summer, making it the second busiest part of the island in the hotter months.

Although many might deem St Paul’s Bay to be a summery and touristic place, the area has most of the required necessities for everyday life – making it an ideal place to live year-round. There are various mini-markets, pharmacies, restaurants and bars, while an award-winning primary school, which forms part of the Maria Regina College, caters for the youngest inhabitants of the area.

St Paul’s Bay is also just one scenic road away from St Julian’s and Sliema, where more restaurants, clinics, clubs, pubs,bay in St. Pauls area supermarkets and shopping complexes can be found. The only minor problem is the fact that St Paul’s Bay is relatively far away from Mater Dei Hospital, the University of Malta and most Sixth Forms, meaning that anyone working, studying or making use of any of these would have a long bus ride or car ride to get to them.

Nevertheless, St Paul’s Bay offers a lifestyle that is alien to certain parts of Malta. Its panoramic views of the sea and unspoilt countryside are surely worth a 20-minute drive to work in the morning. They allow for quiet, relaxing walks and easy-access to some of the best beaches in the area.

Ideally, anyone living in St Paul’s Bay should own at least one car, as public transport is neither the most frequent nor the most efficient; and anyone wishing to go out to paint the town red in Paceville might incur a hefty bill from taxi drivers. Nevertheless, St Paul’s Bay is ideal for retirees who wish to enjoy a calm and peaceful way of life without the crazy antics of the city.  There are ample British Pubs, Italian, Japanese as well as Chinese Restaurants not to mention the various other takeaways as well as hotels catering facilities where one can enjoy a relaxing night out.

landmark - stpaulsbayThe average property in St. Paul’s Bay is also not extortionately priced, particularly when compared to places in the St Julian’s-Sliema area, which is just a 20-minute car ride away. The standard of accommodation is very high, new builds as well as renovated apartment blocks as well as nicely kept abodes are located everywhere.  The area is popular with foreigners and locals alike purchasing second homes and summer residences in Malta.   A number of apartments and houses also boast some of the best views available on the island, and the fact that the sea and countryside are on your doorstep make it the ideal place for families with young children too.  The average listing price of a three bedroom apartment in St. Paul’s Bay is approximately €220, 000 though one may find a flat as little as €95, 000.  Penthouses range from €130, 000 to €495, 000 depending on the amenities where as Maisonettes may be found for a mere €105, 000 and can go up to around €350, 000.  There is a vast selection of properties for sale in St. Paul’s Bay.  All you need is a reputable estate agent in Malta to show you the ropes.