Keep Boredom at Bay with these Winter Activities

  • 28.January 2019
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It can be tempting to hunker down indoors through the winter months, with just the TV and endless cups of tea for company, but there is more to life than Netflix and fleece socks.
Here are a few ideas for things you can do in Malta this winter that don’t involve your sofa.

Make trails

Maltese winters are relatively mild but many complain that humidity makes their houses or apartments are too cold. The answer is to head outdoors – you won’t feel cold if you’re moving! Pack a sandwich and enjoy some of the island’s natural heritage with a walk along one of the many country trails.

Plan a day trip to Gozo and follow the coastal trails for stunning views out to sea and inland. Dahlet Qorrot, Xlendi and Ramla are popular summer destinations but, in winter, you can enjoy cliff-top views and verdant valley vistas. Offset those cold winters in Malta with a bracing walk along the Victoria Lines, the Fawwara Trail or a stroll along Dingli Cliffs.

If you are not keen on getting mud on your shoes, there’s always Valletta. Take in the view from the bastions and the tiny city streets, before sitting down with a coffee and a book at one of the many eateries and cafes.

Get ahead on the DIY

Stuck indoors because of poor weather? Now is the perfect time to tackle those small DIY tasks that always seem to get put on the back burner.

Gather your tools, watch that how-to video on Youtube again and patch up that bit of plaster, replace that light bulb, or tackle that flat-pack furniture that was delivered months ago. And, once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll probably find yourself completing a whole host of odds jobs around your property.

At the end of the day, you get the satisfaction of ticking things off your to-do list and that boost in quality of life that comes with finally fixing that loose tile in the kitchen.

Try the theatre

Shorter, colder winter days can make going out less appealing but if you don’t want to spend a third consecutive Saturday night in your pyjamas, try the theatre.

The recently renovated Manoel Theatre hosts a number of events, from concerts to plays and musicals. However this grand dame of local culture is by no means the only place to go.
The St James Cavalier theatre and M Space in Msida are purpose-built performance spaces but artists and performers are making use of less well known, more intimate locations for their productions. These hidden gems are scattered across the islands and make for unusual and memorable experiences, whether it’s an acoustic set, an art exhibition or avant-garde drama.

Make a meal of it

Despite its small size, Malta has a plethora of exceptional restaurants, with options to suit any budget. Enjoy a midweek treat that doesn’t break the bank at your local Italian pizzeria. If you are after a food experience rather than just a meal, there are heaps of restaurants to choose from. And remember, price does not necessarily indicate quality. Some of the cheaper eats can be the most delicious, particularly if made by knowledgeable chefs using quality, local ingredients. Don’t be afraid to try new places!

Whether you are an intrepid explorer or you prefer your home comforts, there are lots of activities to enjoy in Malta, both indoors and out. Got an addition? Comment below to let us know!